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Here you can order the book and the DVD about Roland's harddisk recorders VS-2480, VS-2400 and VS-2000.

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Bücher und DVD

• Handbuch der VS-Recorder
• Das virtuelle Tonstudio
• VS-Tutorial (DVD)



This CDs were recorded with a Roland VS-Recorder


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The VS Encyclopedia

The VS Encyclopedia is organized like a dictionary, in alphabetic order, to make it easy for you to quickly find the term you are looking for. The author draws from many years of experience, working as a product specialist for Roland in the Pro Audio department . He reveals some very useful tricks like  "graphic editing using the Time/Value dial",  "Creating real subgroups", "Offset between two VS's" etc. Catchwords are organized using graphic priorities, which makes it easy to identify a section or topic as aimed towards beginners (e.g. project list), advanced users (e.g. scenes) or power users (e.g. phrase new). Roland Germany bundled this book with every VS purchase.<br>

256 pages; Hardcover; Thread binding;<br>
190 figures<br>

Price incl. shipping: <br>

Europe: 49,45 € <br>

Overseas: 73,55 $ Order
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VS-Tutorial DVD

This DVD is the ideal tutorial for successful production with Roland's VS-2480, VS-2400 and VS-2000. The following work stages of audio production are shown in depth.

DVD 1:
/ Projects / Editing / Effects / Mixing

DVD 2:
Analyzer / Plug-Ins / Mastering /
CD Burn

The display of the menus shown as they are in the VGA together with the camera position from the user’s perspective and the additional animated graphics contribute to making this an incredibly practical learning tool. Thanks to detailed descriptions of the most important procedural steps and numerous practical tips, this DVD is suited to beginners as much as it is to professionals.<br>

Duration: 3h:20 <br>
Price incl. shipping: <br>
Europe: 49,95 € <br>
Overseas: 69,95 $ Order

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Bundle: Book & DVD

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“VS-Tutorial” DVD. In this case we ship without DVD double box.
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Reviews in VS-Planet

VS-Planet is the largest User On-Line Roland VS Community.  Read here, what these Planeteers have to say about the book and the DVD.


Let it be said that these are the best VS learning tools on the market today and they should be in every VSer's library:

Paul Olito
Admin VS-Planet


"I just recieved the Roland Tutorial DVD in the mail. Wow, incredible! The Roland Tutorial was put together so well! I had no idea my VS- 2400 could do so much. The Roland Tutorial is the best instructional video ive seen by far for a Roland product. This video needs to be sold in the USA. I bought the owners video manual through roland and it does not even compare to the Roland Tutorial by Plancton. Every VS owner needs your video!"

" … The DVD is very good too. It shows you what you need to know and not all the theory junk that most books and videos do. Money well spent …"

"… my DVD arrived yesterday (Monday)....very short time in the mail....only took 7 days....thanx !"

"I don't post very often but thought everyone should be aware of how good the DVD and Book are from Plancton. I purchased a VS 2000 and VS 2480 last year and have been using it and aquiring tools to help in the recording process. This has cost more than I should have spent …
I have the book VS recorder power and the VS2480 DVD and have to say the new book and DVD are much more advanced and helpful. I was a little bit nervous ordering from a company in Germany but certainly glad I did

"The DVD is 3 hours and 20 minutes of very helpful demonstrations of how to best use the tools on the VS. One thing I loved was the demonstrations of how to use all of the 3rd party plugins. Everyone who has a VS2480,VS2400, or VS2000 should own these."

"… I considered myself to be somewhat a knowledgeable user having taken the time to read the manual, etc... Yet, in a few minutes there were several things I did not know or had recognized about my VS 2480 that the DVD and the browsing of the book brought out. Thanks Plancton and my DVD's are working just fine. We can always add to our knowledge base and will find and take the time to do so when we love what we do."

Topic: ••••••VS2480 TUTORIAL and BOOK from PLANCTON••••••

"Hey Guys, I was sent the VS ENCYCLOPEDIA and DVD tutorials recently to check out and evaluate and after a few minutes of browsing through the book and checking out the videos, I must say this is one incredible resource that EVERY person who owns a VS2480 should buy. It appears that the pricing is quite affordable but considering how well its layed out, it's only pennies compared to what you've already invested.
There are NUMEROUS picture illustrations that are layed out logically and with explanations that actually make sense. Unlike the typical manual that really is a reference, this actually teaches you how to learn and operate the machine.
You can check it out and order it from the publisher here:
I make nor gain anything from this, it's just a highly valuable resource that I feel quite strongly in. BUY IT, you won't regret it!

Thank you,

Brad Lyons

-Sweetwater Sr. Sales Engineer
-Sr. ICON / VENUE Product Specailist
-Broadcast Mix Engineer, Blackhawk Ministries



VS Tutotial DVD by PlancTon a VS2000 user review

The short review: I am so glad I bought this DVD. I learned something new & useful in the first few minutes of watching. This is the DVD Roland should have made. If you own a VS2000 & want to learn how to do things like edits & auto-mix or really rock on effects buy this. Spend more time playing with your VS2000 rather than reading, hours of trial error & re-reading.

Now for the long review:Let me start off with a little background info. I got my VS2000 about 1½ years ago. I use the VGA, 2 VS8f3 cards (got number 2 last month worried they will be gone soon). I have the following plug-ins T-Racks, Sound Blender, Autotune, the 1176 & LA2A. After being on the board over a year I consider myself to be an intermediate user of the VS2000. I know the basics. However, I knew my machine is capable of tons more. I read & re-read the manual but lost interest in Roland’s presentation so I put becoming a VS master on the back burner. I even contemplated getting the VS2400 DVD from Roland. But after speaking with a Roland tech they said the DVD did not really cover the VGA & I most likely would not get my $$ worth. I noticed the VS Tutorial from PlancTon a few months ago. I was hesitant as it looked like they covered the 2400 & 2480. 2 weeks ago I emailed them asking “as VS2000 user will I get use out of the DVD”? They got back to me the next day explaining the VGA is about 98% the same in all 3 units & if operations are different on a machine a pop up shows on screen. I decided to buy the DVD. I ordered on line about 6PM EST on Tuesday 2-26. The DVD was in my mailbox 1 week later on 3-4. 1 week from Germany to The Midwest USA A++. My DVD player is a $24.99 special. It is about as cheap as you can get. Both DVDs play with NO PROBLEMS at all. The DVD is broken into a very logical fashion: Projects, Recording, Mixing, Using Effects, Editing, Mastering, using Plug-ins, Burning a CD. It covers how to use the VS machine rather than a home recording how to. At the start of each section the DVD writer is there speaking in German & 3 seconds later the English voice over starts. Since that part is very short & non technical there is no detraction. Right away we go to the VGA screen & start. 95% of the DVD is on the VGA screen. I learned a ton of short cuts that will save me time. For me those alone are worth the price of the DVD. Some of the things I liked about the production when they talk about a concept the cursor moves on screen pointing to what they are talking about. The highlights for me were the editing sections. I now know how to do all sorts of edits down to the wave form, moving & copying parts etc. I also understand how to use auto-mix now. I will have to watch a few more times but I have a much better idea of how I will use it. Sure this stuff is in the Roland manual but after reading it I still was unclear. I grew tired from re-reading trial/error & gave up. Seeing it action with the VS Tutorial I want to jump in right away. I learned some cool tricks with the EQ & dynamics section. Some other things that I liked were the Plug-in demos. They use a VS2000 for these demos. After seeing the demos on the Roland VS8f3 plug-ins I am really excited. I did not know the effects on that card were so awesome. I didn’t know what some of the controls really did. I’m sure if I spent hours & hours playing around with them I would know but the demo showed me in 15 minutes just what I need to know to jump in. Honestly if you get a VS8f3 card the effects are so good the other plug-ins are just icing. Then again what cake is complete without icing? I learned a lot about the other plug-ins I have or may someday get. This also saved me hours of time as I now have a better understanding of what they can do & what I will do the next time I sit down to record. They have musical example of each and go over many of the parameters. From the mastering section of the DVD it looks like the VS2000 is the better machine as you can edit the master tracks directly on the 2000. If you get the book there are many sections of the DVD that give you page number references from the book so if you want more information you have a direct path. Sorry I did not get the book.
So what’s my opinion of the DVD? It is VERY WELL worth buying. I wish I had picked it up sooner. I found myself saying out loud wow! or cool! many times while watching. I even ran downstairs to my VS to check some of the things first hand. The VS Tutorial showed me things I knew my VS2000 could do but I never had the time to re-read the manual and spend hours of trial & error. The DVD has increased the value of my VS2000 & all the extra stuff I have with it. Rather than spending hours learning my machine I can now spend those hours having fun with it. Would I buy it again you bet!
Just in case you are wondering I’m not affiliated with PlancTon. You can probably search my previous posts asking if people had info on the DVD. I’m just a VS2000 user who knew they were not using their expensive machine as fully & efficiently as I could. I always knew it could do more than I was doing with it. I had also been sitting on the fence about getting the DVD & finally jumped in. I believe I found a tool that other VS2000 users could benefit from so I wanted to let them know what I thought of the product. These guys are also sponsors of VS Planet so if you want to order just click on the banner when it says view all our sponsors. If you have any questions feel free to email me.


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